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Ayurveda Consultation

Our wellness consultation is an in-depth 90-minute session to help address your health concerns and to “introduce you to yourself”. Our goal is to get to thoroughly know you looking through the lens of Ayurveda by having you take a body constitution quiz (Dosha).

We discuss your body, bodily functions, food intake as well as the times you are eating your meals, examining the eyes, nails, tongue, general appearance, and state of mind, all of which reveal places of balance and imbalance.

We make clear suggestions about which Ayurveda practices you can adopt to maintain a life of balance.  These may include individualized diet, self-care routines, lifestyle recommendations, exercise, meditation, yoga, herbs, cleansing and/or bodywork to name a few.  Every recommendation is based around your unique footprint.  How soon you feel balanced depends on how much you have abused yourself in the past.

Our job is to uncover and remove the cause/s that clutter your mind, senses, and body and restore you back to your original constitution so you may access your greatest potential for a healthy, vibrant and balanced life. Pricing: 90 min $81.00 | Pkg of 3 $216.00

Ayurveda Cooking

Discover what foods are best for you and how you can use food as medicine. Food nourishes not only your body but your mind and awareness as well. Learn how to choose foods for your constitution (dosha). We offer a one-on-one and small group, cooking classes. These sessions can be at our facility or ideally, in your home.  We will assist with setting up your ayurvedic kitchen, introducing new spices, and providing specific recipes and an eating plan to best support you and your family’s constitution. Private Lesson $108.00 | 3 Hour Group (limit 6) $75.00/person

Ayurvedic Yoga

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy is much like a personal yoga session. The difference is the specificity with which the practices are prescribed. Imagine a yoga practice that restores balance to the nervous system or a practice that helps reduce a tendency toward mucous respiratory conditions. This is Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. We offer a variety of different types of work, with a strong emphasis on Restorative and Yin Yoga. Pricing: 60 min private $72.00 | Pkg of 3 $189.00