Burning sage


Years ago I was a medical anthropologist in the Amazon Rainforest hoping to find the bark or root that could become the next great cancer cure. After all, the jungle is nature’s pharmacy, filled with exotic plants whose powers have yet to be discovered. I spent many months canoeing to villages that had seldom seen a white man and wherever I went, I found there was no cancer, dementia, or heart disease, even among the elders of the communities. Clearly, the indigenous people of the area knew something about health that we westerners didn’t know. What was their secret?

– Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

We continue to live out our family’s dramas, to live the way they lived, and to die the way they died. But we can change this!


In many pre-industrial cultures around the world, the techniques to heal are based on manipulation of the human energy field. Shamans work directly with field to create conditions of health! The shaman’s way of healing is by working at the level of spirit to prevent illness or disease before it manifests. This is in great contrast with western medicine, which works to treat or cure illnesses with little thought to preventing disease in the first place. Having a solid Ayurvedic foundation assists in the Shamanic Energy work. We walk alongside you on your journey.


Available in Person or Via Zoom
  • The Illumination Process (60 mins)

The illumination is the core practice of Shamanic Energy Medicine. The process consists of finding imprints in the LEF (luminous energy field), and erase them, so that we are not defended by our past, and the traumas that occurred to us. When the imprints that predispose us to certain behaviors, emotions, and beliefs, are erased, we do not have to keep on reliving them. Illumination is such a core practice in shamanic energy medicine because it allows us to clear imprints energetically, before they begin to manifest physically. Shamans work with and change the blueprint of our LEF. The illumination technique allows you to experience your infinite, undying self…the self that never entered the stream of time, and the self that never lost connection with spirit. We heal by experiencing infinity. We realize we must not be tied down or defined by our past, and we can determine our infinite futures.

  • Decoupling: Resetting the Fight or Flight Mode of Survival (60 mins)

After a traumatic event, many humans become stuck in the fight or flight mode and can be stuck for the rest of their lives. When our fight or flight mode kicks in and we begin to make decisions in this survival state, we create dangerous situations for ourselves, and reinforce the idea that our world is not safe for us. While animals will innately reset their fight or flight mode, humans do not, because they cannot. However, when we look towards energy medicine, we see that shamans have discovered a way to reset our fight or flight mode of survival. This resetting is known as the decoupling process.

  • Soul Retrieval (120 mins)

Soul loss is fragmentation through trauma and is rampant in the West. The world has become de-spirited. Soul loss is when we cannot fully inhabit our lives when we are fragmented and cannot fully express all parts of ourselves. It comes from trauma and leads us often to disassociate. Together we identify an original wound that derailed your destiny, the contracts you entered into at that time, and your wish to recover your healed self. It can arise in the earliest stages of our lives, when we feel the world and the circumstances we are entering into are not safe. Though even if a retrieval can help a client to become more whole again, the client has to be willing and acknowledge their state or the gatekeeper will not let the shaman enter the chambers.