Self-Discovery Journaling Workshop

With Jaime Robbins

We are pleased to host Jaime Robbins’ Self-Discovery Workshop on Saturday, February 1st from 11:30am – 1:30pm.

This event is geared towards individuals who want to get honest with themselves.  Through guided writing, participants are encouraged to spend time alone by answering six to eight questions and then given the opportunity to share (optional) in one-on-one conversations and large group discussions.  The workshop is intended to be an emotional experience where connections to oneself and others can be made.

Appropriate for both men and women ages 18+.  Participants are asked to bring a journal and a pen for the journaling portion, and a kind, open heart for the sharing portion.  No one will be forced, or put on the spot to share or journal.  The experience of being in the room and listening may be just as beneficial for some.  The content and curriculum has been developed by Jaime.

Who is Jaime?Jaime is a writer, speaker, yoga teacher, and cancer survivor. In 2015, just three days after giving birth to her son, she was diagnosed with cancer.The morning she received her diagnosis was the day she began showing up for her life by questioning everything. While enduring an arduous and horrific treatment plan, she started a blog, and wrote about her mental, emotional, and physical journey in very real, raw, and vulnerable words.  Because of her transparency, she quickly gained followers and started connecting with people who were curious about human perseverance and self-discovery. Once she was in remission, she branched out from the internet and social media and began meeting face to face with people who wanted to find authenticity, self-exploration, and freedom.  She creates safe spaces for people to uncover who they really are by giving private and public talks, leading journaling workshops, and hosting weekend retreats. She is honest but comforting, and treats everyone as if they are sitting around her kitchen table at home.  She brings people – no matter the size of the group – together to create mindful energy where self-analysis and real change can take place.

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