We are thrilled to be hosting Jessica Lovett for private readings and healing sessions on Tuesdays every other week. She is one of a kind and you will feel her energy, power and vision to assist you on your journey.

Jessica Lovett is a Psychic-medium, Reiki master, and Shamanic Practitioner. She uses tarot cards in her healings to help you on your life path. She also sees past lives, life contracts, karmic debts, and life blueprints.

Jessica gives traditional reiki treatments but also journeys and healings through Reiki energy. She clears chakras, performs psychic surgeries and removes attachments.

Working with her helping spirits she can see what is most needed to help you along your life path.

Also available for house, business and land clearings, and blessings!

CALL 978.395.1234 or email info@ayurvedawellnesshealing.com to schedule.

Readings: 20 minutes – $50

40 minutes – $100.00

Healing Sessions (90 minutes) – $150 (combining reiki and shamanic practices for an extraordinary session)