Did you have your fill of savory summer foods and drinks?

Have 3 days to give to yourself?   Want better health?
Join us on our 3-day Fall Reset to detoxing your mind and body to let your soul shine!
Fall is a perfect time to detox and reset of our digestive fires (Agni) to help remove built up toxins (Ama) from all the fun we had this summer!
Our 3-day Fall Reset will help to reset your digestive fires to help flush out toxins and restore the gut-brain connection to improve your over all health. You will see improvement on fatigue, mental fog, depression and anxiety and bloating.
Dates: Pick 3 days that fit best for “YOUR” schedule and we will confirm or September 30 to October 3, 2023
*includes, 6 meals, Ghee, cleanse supplements, oils, detox tea, 10% off on a massage, 10% off on Shamanic Energy Work (can be done virtually), and a private one-on-one follow up consultation!
We ship anywhere so there is no excuse!
If not now, when?